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Legal Translation

Realizing that legal translations should be 100% accurate and that a single error can have serious consequences, EgyPerfect gives this branch its ultimate

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IT, Software and Websites localization

Get the best budget-friendly localization services from EgyPerfect, and be sure your intended message will be conveyed so clearly.

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Financial Translation

Business translation is another highly-in-demand specialization that EgyPerfect has thrived in.

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Medical & Scientific Translation

Medical translation represents one of the most sensitive areas in the industry; so we handle it with surgical precision.

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Simultaneous Interpreting

the interpreter speaks whilst simultaneously listening to and comprehending the next sentence. Their interpretation is usually relayed via headphones

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EgyPerfect provides high-quality language translation services in over 20 languages and in hundreds of language pairs.

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Founded with an ambition to excel, EgyPerfect has quickly earned a good reputation among other competitive translation and localization providers. Since starting up in 2016, our Cairo-based company has successfully completed huge projects with various local and regional clients, thanks to our dedicated, professional team of translators and reviewers. As reflected by its name, EgyPerfect's main concern is "perfection", and that's why we apply the highest quality assurance standards. We offer general and specialized translations including legal, financial, medical and scientific documentation. Our company covers 20 language pairs. Hence, EgyPerfect positions itself as a one-stop shop for translation services and customized localization solutions.  


The EgyPerfect translation team has many years of experience in translating texts of foreign languages into their native languages. Our translation team is highly qualified, very experienced and have completed our rigorous translator selection process. As a general rule, our translators have the academic and professional backgrounds that enable them to handle any translation project no matter what language pair or job size. They are capable of using latest techniques in the translation industry, Trados is a priority.


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