An Interpreter is a person who provides an oral translation between speakers who speak different languages. He is the one who plays the largest role in managing the communication processes between the parties, and the importance of the need for an interpreter emerges in conferences, meetings, workshops and seminars of all kinds.

EgyPerfect provides high-level interpretation services to various public and government agencies in various places and events, while ensuring an honourable image of the event or conference in which it provides the interpretation service.

Our company employs a constellation of competent interpreters with relevant academic experience and qualifications; all of whom are accredited by reputable international bodies. The company provides all kinds of interpretation, whether simultaneous, consecutive or whispered, with aptitude and high quality for conferences, workshops, training sessions, public meetings and other events.

EgyPerfect enjoys a good reputation as a certified agency for translation and interpretation in the global market, and has earned the trust of clients and become an essential and indispensable partner in the field of translation and interpretation.